Artist Statement

My current body of painting is largely driven by themes of seclusion and isolation.  Inspired by my own experiences and observations, I create female characters who are often withdrawn into solitude;  whether self-imposed, caused by dysfunctional relationships, or imposed by societal marginalization. The characters are a testament to physical and mental torment, but occasionally imply potential for the restoration of spirit and soul.


My art investigates and illustrates the ways in which psychological and physical experiences shape self-image, and can perpetuate dysfunction in relationships and group dynamics. The women are often distorted, deformed or disabled in some fashion (literally and metaphorically). Their exaggerated facial expressions and uncomfortable body poses reveal their emotional states. The figures are enveloped in words and phrases; a punishing inner voice, but sometimes a sardonic third person commentary.


In contrast to these stand alone, more deliberate paintings, I also produce multi-image sequential drawings. These are fleeting, emotionally raw, stream of consciousness reactions to my dreams, moods, or affecting circumstances. Not originally intended for public consumption, I have decided they justify a prominent position on the continuum of my work.


My compositions are an assemblage of figure and text. Words, phrases or poetry join the design, not as captions, but as essential elements of the work. The image illuminates the words and the words embellish the image. They are inextricably married in the composition.